Saturday, March 5, 2016

TToT: Beauty in a Week That Was Not Pretty

It was a hard week at work--abuse, theft, self-harm.  Ugh.  There is so much pain in the world.  It is hard sometimes to hear the stories the young people have to tell me.  I always look for beauty in the world as a counter-balance to what I see in my work.  This week I had to look extra hard, but here are ten sources of beauty for which I am thankful:

Babies:  their laughter, smooth skin, soft hair, and sweet scent
The love of my family

Buds on Plants and Trees
Roof over my head
Good food on the table

And the opportunity found in tomorrow
When maybe we can come a little closer 
to making things right.

(Look at that!  I found 11 things to be thankful for when I wasn't sure I could even find one.)


  1. Beautiful, May. Your flower photos would cheer up the saddest of viewers. When I find the thankfulness when the week is an awful one, the outcome is particularly sweet.

    1. So true. I almost bailed this week, but I felt much better after making my list!

  2. ok… I may have written this comment before… but the photo at the top of the page! (please, tell me the name of it is." Όχι, ξέρω τα πάντα για το τι σκέφτεστε για αυτό το μέρος ... για την αγάπη των θεών! όχι περισσότερο !!" (translation: ok! I know your opinion on the matter, please stop talking… or something along those lines, only funny)
    the price for the gift of being a person others feel they can share the un-speakable with can be very dear.

  3. Isn't that a hoot? These guys stand atop a column that frames the door of a building just inside the Altstadt in Salzburg, Austria. I would love to know the story behind them. Such a great city.

    Oh, you are so right about there being a price to pay for the privilege of really knowing another soul.

  4. It's an odd contrast to think of the sweet purity of a baby and then all the things life throws at us all as we move toward adulthood. Love that new baby scent and flowers. Both bring brightness to life.

  5. are so right. i hadn't put that together. Had just had a chance to love up on a baby this week. But sweet purity in contrast to an ugly world? You hit the nail on the head.

  6. It's those times we find the most darkness in the world, the silver linings are most important. Bravo for finding and sharing such good ones. I hope your coming week is less harrowing :)

  7. It is so hard to hear the stories some kids and teens have to share. It breaks my heart that their stories aren't full of fun at the playground and giggling with their families. And there only seems to be more and more kids sharing more of these heart-breaking stories. I just have to keep remembering what Mother Theresa said. Basically, we can't help everyone. Just start by helping the person next to you.
    Beautiful flower photos.
    That photo on your header is hilarious!

  8. The header makes me smile. It would be so fun to know what made the architect decide to have some fun on this project!
    It is hard to argue with advice from Mother Theresa on how best to help others.

  9. There is nothing much better than to hold an infant and drink in their scent! Glad you found some thankfuls in a cruddy week.


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