Monday, September 10, 2018

The Rich Tapestry

We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.  --Maya Angelou

A new mural covers the wall of a building across the street from the National Park's Brown v Topeka Board of Education site.  We were given the opportunity to help underwrite the mural project and to paint on it some as well.  The day we painted was memorable for me.  As I worked, my family painted alongside me on the right, and some of my students painted with me on the left.  I have worked with many students through my years in the Topeka Public Schools.  We chose TPS for our own kids' education.  USD 501 does not have a perfect history, but it does have the distinction of being the place where America attempted to right a wrong for a little girl named Linda Brown and all other children who would follow.  Children deserve safe, welcoming, and adequately funded schools in which to learn.  It is a priveledge to do my part to help see they get that in Topeka.

A Supreme Court ruling  that stuck down Separate but Equal
The opportunity to work along with others--some I know and love, some who simply share the understanding of the importance of the Brown v Board decision
A tapestry of colors 
My family.  My students.
Beautiful weather that lures you outside
Cooperation that leads to a finished project
Love and support from the people in my life
Stories--whether the lifestory of a person I know, a book that captures my imagination, family tales that I have heard a million times.  Stories give life meaning.


  1. What a beautiful,colorful mural,and a lovely TToT! I especially like what you wrote about stories.

    1. Stories brighten my days and inform me so often when I am questioning.

  2. Can I just say ditto to Kristi's remark? She wrote EXACTLY what I was going to say. (It is in our genes, LOL.)

    1. It is the stories that bring us together week after week, isn't it?

  3. I like (and identify with) the concept of tales told by people that becomes, somehow, a part of the world (at least to the extent of the people involved). Especially 'family tales' that not only are passed down (and around), but, in some circumstances, can have an effect on formation of the personality of members of the group/family.
    thought-provoking TToT

  4. Coming from a family of ten kids story-telling is part of my DNA. It was cheap entertainment, and there was a wealth of material to chose from!


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