Sunday, May 6, 2018

Central Market

We went to a wedding in Golden, Co last month giving us the perfect excuse to spend a few days exploring the Denver area.  By the time we arrived the first night we were hungry for dinner.  All of the restaurants we called were busy and had wait lists of an hour or more.  Road-weary we were hoping for something quicker, but didn't want fast food.  Searching for alternatives, we stumbled onto Denver Central Market.

The place reminded us of markets our children shopped in during their study abroad experiences in Europe.  Vendors hawk their products from individual booths set up inside one large commercial building.  Fishmongers, bakers, butchers, and cheese sellers stand side by side.  Strolling through the market you are able to pick up everything you need for a simple, delicious meal.  

Distractions like candy and magazine racks tempting you at check-out are completely absent.  The items are all fresh and labeled simply.  Excessive packaging and multiple brands competing for your attention are not issues.

Each vendor offers only the category of products which they know best.  Their expertise ensures quality merchandise and solid advice as to how best serve it.

There is a life lesson in this style of market.  None of us can be everything to everyone, and that is OK.  It is much better to know who you are and to concentrate on being the very best of whoever, whatever that is.  In that you will find real success.

I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.  

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