Friday, March 9, 2018

TToT: School Social Work Week

It was School Social Work Week.
My co-workers and my school kids showered me with love every day.  I was incredibly touched.  Several co-workers independent of one another chose cards, mementos and treats all in hues of yellow, a color I don't wear or use in decorating. Looking into how color and personality are related, I discovered that yellow is associated with perfectionists who think big and dream of how things could be. I'm good with that.

My colleagues
My school kids
Their families
Meaningful work
Supportive administrators both at school and in the Social Work Department
The opportunity to dig in the dirt planting tomato seeds
Time spent with my own grown kids this week either face to face or over the phone
Living in the age 
when long distance calls are free


  1. Thanks for sharing you list, it made me smile. Bless you for your hard work with young people in schools!

  2. Yellow is a color I rarely wear, but I do like the light yellow walls in my bedroom at the beach. Reminds me of sunshine. It sounds like you had a very good week. It always feels good to be acknowledged and appreciated. It makes you work harder. Enjoy our trip to NC (I read it in one of your comments).

  3. So glad you felt appreciated by so many this past week.
    I hadn't read that yellow is associated with perfectionists. The color yellow does look good on some people, but not on me. I love certain yellow flowers and also a tad of soft yellow mixed in certain printed fabrics.

  4. Wonderful list of thankfuls. I am glad you were shown appreciation for all you do. I had forgotten how expensive long distance used to be, that is a good thankful. Have a nice week!

  5. thats right! long distance calls are free... I totally remember how long distance or even, 'toll calls' were a factor in communication. (Back in the day, calling someone and 'forwarding the charges'... "I have a Clark Farley on the line, will you accept the charges?")

  6. Yellow is, in my opinion, a highly underrated colour. One of my favourites, now that I can't see it as something other than just light.

    Glad you feel so appreciated with your colleagues, kids, their parents, and the administrators. Not always the case, especially the admins part. Have a good week ahead.


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