Saturday, July 29, 2017

TToT: Time Marches On

We watched Alfred Hitchcock's Rope the other night, and I took this shot of the TV screen as the movie was queuing up.  I love how it is meant to capture a moment in time, a street before I was born.  One thing I appreciate about Hitchcock was the picturesque way he had of conveying time and place. That aspect of his films always leaves me feeling a bit wistful about the passage of time, which perfectly fits my mood on my last weekend of summer.  Next week I head "back to school" and much as I love my work, I face that reality with a heavy sigh.  Time to snap out of it with a reality check of all that I have to be thankful for especially at this time of year.
For a job that allows a rejuvenating break each summer
For summer fruits and vegetables
For the chance to have my family together
For my health and the good health of loved ones
For a job to go back to
For a break in the heat wave
For books and the ability to read
For personal safety and freedom from want
For these things and more, I am truly thankful.



  1. Hello, May! It was so nice to see your post popping in this morning as I sat here working on mine (which isn't finished yet)!

    I often find myself nostalgic and thinking back to the "old days" and older ways of life, somehow things seemed to make more sense then and more people were sensible, or at least appeared to be. :-)

    Your summer break is a short one, but it so necessary for people in the field of education, or otherwise you would surely get burned out. It gives you something to look forward to each year and helps you find energy to push through to the end of the school year. Having a good job is indeed a blessing.

    Summer fruits and vegetables are wonderful and make meal planning much more fun based one what's available and looks good!

    Having your family together is the best feeling in the world for a mother. I can wait to spend time with my children in August!

    Good health is something we should never take for granted, and that goes for the health of those we care about too. I am glad you are all doing well!

    A break in the heat wave would be nice, can you send me one here in Texas? Summer lasts too long here, but I am thankful for AC at least. :-)

    I like how you noted you are thankful for not only books but the ability to read them, that's another blessing we tend to take for granted. I have known a couple adults who could not read and it made life very hard for them. My life has been so much richer because of all the wonderful books I've read!

    Personal safety is a good one! There are so many people at risk or living in situations or areas that are not safe. It's scary!

    Freedom from want is the best thing of all! Want is an addiction where we tend to confuse wants and needs and always think we need something more to be happy. If we have our basic needs met we are doing ok, the rest is just extra and while nice is not essential and not something to crave. The older I get the less I find myself interesting in acquiring more, except for experiences and happy memories! :-)

    Wishing you a good school year ahead, enough time to rest and relax, and some really sweet surprises along the way! XOXO

    1. We are on the same page when it comes to having little need to acquire things. My daughter said to me the other day to just expect books for gifts from now on because they seem the only material thing I have enthusiasm for. Fine by me!

  2. yeah, and the photo (the screen shot) has an interesting look of a painting (in someone's style that I can't remember who, never being much of a painter guy).
    How is this summer moving by so rapidly?

    1. I noticed earlier this summer when we watched Rear Window for the millionth time how much art Hitchcock captured in his films. A feast for the eyes.

  3. My hat is off to you, and i pray your upcoming school year is a happy, healthy and excellent one, with lots of great progress for your students!

  4. Excellent list of thankfuls. I haven't seen that movie, but I do like Alfred Hitchcock's work.

    1. My favorite part is locating his on screen cameo in each film!

  5. A most excellent 10 Mimi :)
    I always enjoyed watching the Alfred Hitchcock hour on TV when I was a kid. I've not seen too many of his films. (I know Clark! I will put them on the list of movies to watch before I die!)
    Here's to extending summer as long as we can :D

    1. Yes, it is never good when the adults are contemplating playing hooky right off the bat!

  6. I haven't seen nearly enough of his films, but I used to watch reruns of that old show he hosted when I was sick at home from school. He had a perfect voice for the kind of stories he told.

    I love the fresh fruits and veggies of this time of year but not so much the heat. A break in one of the waves of summer weather is a breath of fresh air.

    What would I do without literacy and AC?

    Working in education, you must see more than most how important literacy is.

    Enjoy the remainder of your time off.

  7. Life without literacy and AC...perish the thought!


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