Sunday, October 16, 2016

TToT: Beauty

I spent an evening in Kansas City this week.  Walking the streets on the Country Club Plaza offers such  a great reminder of how beautiful architecture takes the edge off the hurried, impersonal feel of city living. This view inspired my list of thankfuls this week.
The world feels very ugly these days, but if I take a closer look back over the past seven days, there has been beauty too. That beauty smoothed the rough edges of each day.
Baby laughter and mother love.
The celebration after a hard fought football victory finally in the last game of the season for my kids at school.
The First Lady's powerful speech as she talked about how sexual assault and its glorification harms not only mothers and daughters, but fathers and sons as well.
Warm autumnal colors outdoors.
Friendship. The opportunity to do something kind for someone I enjoy.  The opportunity to do something kind for a complete stranger.
An Ethics conference on Friday which provided endless examples of how my colleagues work every day to do the right thing improving children's lives as they do.
A break from the relentless negativity of the election campaign during a weekend of renewal.



  1. perspective seems to be a theme, at least with my comments as I make my Monday morning rounds of the TToT (btw...check your link, on first click, it shows 'Page not found' but then if you click on the blog title, it gets you here).
    knowing that the world is experienced by all of us, to a certain extent, as a personal reality, has made a world of difference for me... it counters the frustration at 'how can a reasonable person be so (fill in the blank)'
    As a clark, I have a drive to understand, without the perspective that reality is personal (to a certain extent) the drive is reduced to circular frustration. To accept that what is real for me not only is not necessarily real for the other person, it might not even exist.
    or something like that.

    1. Boy, has this year proved your point beyond a shadow of a doubt!

  2. It certainly was a powerful powerful speech. I wrote about it after listening to her speak.
    We could all use a break, even us here in Canada. Just vote already.
    Glad you had a revitalizing week, even with all that's currently happening around us.

    1. I am going to stop by to read your commentary about the speech. It really moved me deeply.

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