Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Difference Between Women and Men

I stopped to fill up with gas the other day and noticed a woman employee chasing a rat around the pumps, whacking it with a broom at every opportunity.  A very animated female customer jumped up and down while loudly cheering her on.
A man was pumping gas at the pump in front of me.  The rat circled the man’s pump several times as the lady swatted it repeatedly with the broom–to the left, to the right.  The man didn’t appear to notice either woman or rat.  The woman announced she was getting a bigger broom and retreated to the station past the cheering woman who continued to urge her on.
The rat took advantage of the cease fire to hide under the man’s car.  Finished paying, the man jumped into the driver’s seat, threw his car in gear, and sped away leaving a flattened rat in his wake having never been aware any of this drama had unfolded in his presence.
This, I believe, illustrates difference between women and men.

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