Friday, June 2, 2017

Straightening the Dresser Drawers

I love table linens.  Table cloths, napkins, table runners, place mats.  I love them all.  Old ones, new ones.  I have an ample supply and I use them all.  Over the past few years my collection has grown as my mom and mother-in-law began to downsize their own.
It had gotten out of control.  As if spring loaded, napkins would curl and pop as they slid under the pressure of the dresser frame as the drawer was pulled open. Finally they would explode into the room in complete disarray.  They had to be tamed.

I pulled everything out of the dresser along with everything that had filled an antique dresser across the room.  The antique had come from my in-laws' house.  It had found its new home in our dining room and its drawers had become a convenient resting place for items that I had not had time to deal with properly.
I decided to put all of the linen we use day to day in the original dining room dresser and save the antique one for special events and holiday items.  Candles and items used for center pieces were moved to another cabinet all together so that these two dressers could become strictly linen dressers.

The top drawer of the antique dresser now holds an assortment of antique linens and family heirlooms.  When I cleaned out this drawer I discovered this card featuring an original wood block print done by a former neighbor, Veronica Siek.  Such a kind and gentle soul, the note enclosed was to let us know she had just learned that her cancer had returned.  She has been gone many years now, but I recalled her lovely spirit as I held that card today.

I discovered another treat as I sorted and folded.  I got this little square of someone's handiwork from my mom who couldn't recall where she had gotten it.  I brought it home intending to do something wonderful with it which up to this point involved sticking it into one of these drawers.
Now it hangs on my front door greeting all who visit and telling them a little something about the woman who lives behind that door.

William Morris Project 2013


  1. I love linens too. I love fabric. I quilt and sew. My mother passed away this winter and I've spent hours going through her fabrics and notes about what she wanted to do with them, projects unfinished or not yet started, and drawers and drawers of table linens. You either get that or you don't.

  2. Oh, I get it! I can only imagine how close you have felt your mother as you have gone through her fabrics and notes. What a wonderful treasure trove she left you.


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