Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Secret

Bigger Picture Blogs:The Write Before Christmas   Today's prompt, Christmas secrets. Circa 2012.

Christmas Lights Through Sleepy Eyes

The Christmas my oldest daughter was four my husband purchased my first nice camera.  We had three children under the age of five and I needed a camera that could stand up to considerable abuse and produce high quality shots.

Excited with his purchase my husband gathered the girls and headed into the bedroom to wrap the gift while I rocked their baby brother.   He showed the camera to the girls giving them strict instructions not to tell.

They finished their wrapping and flung the door open. My daughter flew to me, eyes wide saying,  "You are getting a camera for Christmas, but I can't tell  you who it is from!"  Practically dancing on air so proud at having kept her Christmas secret, she beamed back at her father who stood dumbfounded in the bedroom doorway trying to comprehend what had just happened to his well planned surprise.

I no longer have that camera, but we still tell the story of the secret kept that Christmas every time a new Christmas comes around.  Perhaps the best secret we learned that year was that the gift itself doesn't much matter in the end.  The thing that matters, the real Christmas gift is the joy found with those you love.

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