Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You Are Beautiful, My Friend

 My friend Chris has no idea how beautiful she is.  She pokes fun at herself claiming her awkward phase lasted far longer than similar phases endured by the rest of the human race.  Siting braces and knobby knees as evidence, she overlooks far more important features like an extremely loyal heart or the way she sees those she loves in the best possible light through exceptional shimmering blue eyes.
Last weekend we gathered to watch her daughter get married.  The bride was completely stunning.  Those of us who knew the mother well recognized the resemblance between mother and daughter in their movements or upon catching an unexpected view of a profile.
Filled with emotion, Chris watched as her husband swept their daughter around the dance floor.  Speaking of the younger woman my friend often expresses disbelief that she could have had anything to do with the creation of one so lovely. But I know that is only because...
 my friend Chris has no idea how beautiful she is.  


  1. What a lovely tribute to one who sounds like a dear person.

  2. One of my very first friends in this life and happily still my friend today!

  3. Beautiful post. Your friend is lucky to have you.

  4. Beautiful photos and what a sweet nod to your friend. She sounds pretty darn humble and wonderful. :)

  5. We have known each other for all of our 55 years. She is still a keeper!


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