Friday, August 5, 2016

Kansas View

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On a lazy summer afternoon we drive back roads and study the open spaces of the Kansas countryside.  Somehow my senses become super charged in these spaces.  The grasses pop like individual brush strokes painting the land with golden highlights.  Vision is not interrupted by a single thing before my eye reaches the horizon line. The absolute stillness puts my ears on high alert.  The call of every bird or tiny insect can be heard with an intensity never realized in town.  The air carries the scent of grass and earth.  Even the sunshine has a scent I catch on the breeze.  Standing on a crest looking out over the gently rolling land I feel my heart rate slow, feel stress melt away.  I am reminded once more that though some might say there is nothing here, the opposite is true.  Everything lies in this space.  The answers to all of my questions can be found unadulterated by things and noise here in the Kansas countryside.


  1. Very nice! What part of Kansas is this?

    1. Wabaunsee County between Manhattan and Topeka. So pretty!

  2. I always enjoy your take on the Kansas countryside. And in more ways than the Kansas countryside - there is often a lot of everything in what first appears to be nothing. I feel the peace and the vastness through your eyes and photos.

  3. It was such a perfect afternoon. The temperature was pleasant, there was just enough wind to stir the local smells (good since there were no livestock!), and so incredibly quiet. I was standing still and still transported. Perfect.

  4. So beautiful! I often only get to see views like that in movies...or blog posts. ;) Gorgeous!


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