Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Stop the Glorification of Busy

As a college senior I worked two part-time jobs in addition to student teaching.  Hearing fellow students complain about the stress of student teachng without the added workload of the other jobs, I admit I felt superior. When my kids were small I took pride in juggling work, home and volunteer duties.  I wore the bags under my eyes from sleep lost in order to allow more work hours into each day like dark, puffy badges of honor.
Busyness becomes a god we sacrifice far too much to.  Our health, our families, our friendships and our peace of mind all suffer when we continually push ourselves beyond what is reasonable.  We develop tunnel vision looking only towards our goal and missing the blessings that surround us every day.
There is danger in the pride that comes from living life as though we can do it all on our own.  One day we look up and realize that is exactly how we are doing life–alone.
We will be much happier when we slow down,  doing one task at a time and giving it our full attention.  We will find more satisfaction in the work. Then to be truly happy, once that task is finished we should put it away and turn our attention–our full attention–to the people in our lives.

Mama Kat prompt: What were you writing about a year ago?  Something I still need to remind myself!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is making me tear up! I didn't know I needed to hear it, but I am that person right now and you're right, it is stupidly glorified.

    1. It has taken me years to get my actions (and schedule) in line with my words on this one! It is one thing to know it on a cognitive level, but it takes constant vigilance to protect our own time.

  2. Deep stuff, May. And very true. I'm getting a lot better at keeping things simple as I get older. I see kids now, teenagers, who seem so over-scheduled and tired all the time.

    1. Having school-aged kids is what first opened my eyes to this. There are so many activity choices available to youth. That is great on one hand, but it can easily crowd out the time for free play and day dreaming....detremental to society and to the individual soul. I still need free play and day dreams!

  3. You are so right! It is really hard to let some stuff slide till later, or let it go altogether when, if like me, you feel like you have to get everything done that you can possibly get done while you can get it done, because you never know if you'll get to pick up the ball you dropped.

    Just stopping by via Mama Kat's....I didn't actually get to participate in the Writer's Workshop this week, but hope to pick back up next Thursday!


  4. I am a total Type A lunatic who stresses over getting things done. The more I accomplish, the larger the "to-do pile" grows. Because I'm always in motion, I've been finding that a few people around me tend to dump their crapola for me to take care of and it's consuming at times. Meanwhile, my life keeps breezing by while they get to kick back and enjoy theirs!

    Think I'm going to start scheduling daydreams on a daily basis!

    Always wonderful reading your posts, May!


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