Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Discouraged by the events of the past couple weeks, I looked over some pieces I have written over time hoping to discover hope.  This piece written at this time of year five years ago reminds me that we have been through hard times before. The issues remain frighteningly constant.  We have known discouragement, and we have prevailed.  
Currently, the world is just a little mixed up.

…I am saddened by the loss of civility in our culture.  The crass and vulgar language that is considered appropriate in public spaces makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  The aggressive and disrespectful way people treat each other wears on me.
…I am furious that the interest rates on student loans are doubling, and that those we elected to represent us are doing nothing to stop it.
…I am worried that the wealthiest and most powerful are using their influence in a way that will insure there won’t be a middle class in America for my grandchildren.
…I am heartened by the young people I know personally who have strength, character and  humor despite the culture we have handed them.
…I am awed by every day heroes who reflect the very best in us as they selflessly rush in to eradicate danger.
…I am surrounded by miracles- Grown children who grasp the importance of family; plants that doggedly grow and bloom , sharing beauty regardless of the care I offer; babies on the way, new lives filled with potential.
…I am trying to leave the world a little better than I found it through love and compassion.
…I am comforted by the knowledge that I am not alone.
The world is a mess, that is true.  Still, it has been a mess before.  Time and time again we have seen that human beings hold within us the power to improve the world.  It will take effort and require a tireless insistence on our best.  We must not pander to our most base instincts.  We were not intended to be just another beast in the animal kingdom.  We are intended to rise above.

Currently, I believe in the promise we hold within us to heal.

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