Wednesday, March 7, 2018

River Town Residences

Hermann, MO

 I love the feel of an old river town where the houses seem all brick with
 white porches. Get close to the Mississippi or further East and those humble houses tend to sit shoulder to shoulder lining the street all in a row.  I love a town where not only the mansions are adorned and gilded, but the tiniest of homes is dressed to the nines in gingerbread and stained glass.  I love a town where beauty is not reserved for a lucky few, but within the grasp of us all. 


  1. Have you ever been to Cairo, Illinois? It's located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The town is completely blighted, except for a few of the old homes, restored and beautiful.

    1. It has been ages. My husband is a Perryville native. Generations of both sides of his family are from Perryville and Ste Genevieve. Both his dad and grandfather worked on the railroad and passed through Cairo almost doubt in better days for the town.


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