Thursday, January 11, 2018

Snow Day Checklist

I woke this morning to discover schools all over the city had been cancelled.  Snow and ice were forecast throughout the morning.  I turned off the alarm, rolled over, and closed my eyes again.  Snow days have always been a gift of time to me.  Now that I am out of bed, I am spending this one in a house cleaning frenzy and re-posting a piece I wrote five years ago on the eve of a storm that was far more impressive than today's.

All week long meteorologists have taunted me with threats of a huge snowstorm, so it huge it apparently left them speechless because all their new name-the-snowstorm department could muster for this storm was a single letter.  Massive snowstorm Q was on its way and my life was about to be significantly disturbed.
For several years weather people went through a period of telling fish stories.  You should’a seen this storm.  It was THIS big! Their gift for exaggeration made them suspect in my mind.  So, when they got on this Q kick, I only half listened.
By yesterday the impending storm was all anyone could talk about.  Schools and organizations began canceling today’s events before the first flake fell.  I decided it was better to be safe than sorry, made my pre-storm list, and began putting our house in order.

First, I prepared the bunnies making sure we had a stockpile of bunny food and replenishing their bowls and feeders with water and fresh pellets. I cleared out the hutch and put in a big supply of new shredded paper for insulation.  I did a visual sweep of the path between hutch and the house looking for anything that might pose a safety hazard once snow covered and no longer visible.
I anticipated our needs for maintaining happiness while housebound.  We have amusements on hand: puzzles, games, books, music and movies.  We are set with outerwear for all.  All beds have been made with clean, warm sheets and cozy blankets. Throws and quilts are available on couches, and matches and a lighter wait by the fireplace.

I made a grocery run to stock up on hot chocolate supplies, popcorn, and foods that can still be served in case of power outage.  I triple-checked our tissue and toilet paper supplies.  When I arrived at the dairy I discovered that others were also preparing for a long haul.  They were sold out of butter, cream and 2% milk by 9:30 a.m.
I considered any health needs we might have, double checking prescriptions and over the counter cold medications.  I took a quick survey of the first-aid supplies on hand.
I decided to fill and run the washer, dryer and dishwasher in anticipation of a possible power outage. I checked the flashlight to make sure it is in working order with fresh batteries and put candles and matches where they are likely to be needed.  Then I charged my electronic devices.
I made a quick run through the garage to make sure that snow clearing supplies, shovels, sand or salt, are accessible and that the car was full of gas. Satisfied I was ready to face the storm, I lit the fire and brewed some tea.  So~Let it snow!

To all the meteorologists out there, I extend my apologies.


  1. They sure do go overboard, don't they?

    1. It's all about the ratings I know, but seems short-sighted. After too many false alarms, I tend to not pay any attention any more.


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