Wednesday, December 27, 2017

TToT: After Christmas

I wrote this post December 27, 2014.  We had just returned from Germany by way of a security detention in Toronto.  The Germans understood two men with the same name, my husband and son, boarded the plane in Frankfurt.  The Canadians found it suspicious that two passengers with the same name arrived in Toronto.  They detained my son for an extended period, causing us to miss our flight back to the US. Meanwhile, my daughters had arrived home from school to an empty house that they transformed into a Christmas Wonderland.

Once the Canadians released us so we could continue our journey home, Christmas was wonderful.  Ten things about it that make me thankful:
We arrived home to a house filled with treats and Christmas cheer created through the efforts of my daughters.
The chance to see what Christmas traditions the girls deemed indispensable in our absence.
My son is back from Germany; and the time we got to spend with him there was exceedingly fun.
Safe travel despite the Toronto Airport’s best efforts to derail us.
US soil.  It is good to be home.
Christmas carols, Christmas lights, Christmas gifts, Christmas joy.
#891-900 of my 1000 Gifts

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