Friday, July 28, 2017

My Child Bride
Mama Kat
Arguably my child's favorite moments of summer.

Le Professeur was home from North Carolina this week sporting an engagement ring, and traveling in tandem with a young man.  We had a wedding to-do list a mile long to work our way through before they left.  The task that was most memorable was choosing a wedding dress.  

This is the child who has long been notorious for her inability to make choices while shopping.  So, we headed out to what we were certain was only the first of about one thousand trips to dozens of bridal stores.  Her sister and I settled into cushioned chairs for what promised to be a long night and let the magical parade begin.

We made notes in a binder about what we liked and disliked about each dress thinking we would narrow down which styles to try on at each successive visit. 

Because every single dress looked fabulous on her, we soon found eliminating them to be a challenge.  We switched our strategy to identifying the crème de la crème.

Some took me back to her ballerina days requiring a brief intermission so that I could regain my composure (and find something more appropriate than my sleeve to wipe away spontaneous tears).

In an unexpected twist, we found "the" dress in under two hours.  It is beautiful, and she is stunning in it.  These things are top secret, of course, and there is the matter of the groom not seeing her wearing it before the wedding.  So, for now I leave you with the above photo---just a hint of more to come.

To you, mon petit chou, you will make  the most lovely of brides, but always know that you don't need lace or jewels to be beautiful in my eyes.  I love you.  


  1. She's quite pretty, and those two gowns look good on her. Congratulations and best luck to them, and you...

  2. Thanks, John. I still can't quite believe we are at this point!

  3. Exciting stuff! You do have a beautiful daughter and she looked gorgeous in each dress!

    1. Thanks. I felt like she really couldn't go wrong.

  4. What a sweet and special "errand". And under two hours! Best wishes with all the planning, I'm sure she'll be a beautiful bride no matter what.

  5. Your daughter is SO beautiful! Which, yes, DOES make dress shopping more difficult. I'm a #boymom, so I only know this because my daughter-in-law invited me to come along with her mother and sister on her dress-shopping marathon. We all selected dresses for her to try on and heaped them together. When she said, "I think this is the one," I just bawled while everyone else laughed! It was a dress I'd selected for her. I'll always be thankful for being included that day!!


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