Monday, April 24, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful: Grown Up Edition

The daughter known on these pages as The Dentist is nearing the end of her course of study.  A local dental practice awaits her arrival.  Later this week she will take possession of a charming old-world home not far from us.  
When she was four years old and completely consumed by ballet classes, she announced as a matter of fact that when she grew up she would be a dancing dentist.  Apparently, she had inherited a touch of her father's practicality which led her to understand that she would prefer to live on a dentist's salary rather than a dancer's.  To this day the dégagés continue, now finally dentistry will be part of her days as well.
The European inspired house she is buying belonged to an elderly couple, and has suffered benign neglect at their hands in recent years.  Their lack of care was enough to bring the price substantially lower, but not so much that the place could qualify as a money-pit.  It is filled with charm, and still provides a blank slate for her to express her style when her income eventually grows compatible with her taste. 
A fun perk of parenting young adults is the opportunity to relive some of the highlights of your own life.  I remember so clearly the excitement of finishing our studies and launching the careers we had worked so hard to pursue.  First jobs, first homes...the realization of dreams.  It has been a joy to have favorite memories resurface.  There is nothing like life rewarding your hard work  with all that you had hoped for...unless it is getting to watch life reward your children in the very same way.


  1. This was wonderful, May! I agree, it was fun to reach our adult goals when we grew up, but it is infinitely more rewarding to see our children attaining their own! I love the concept of a "dancing dentist", she was clearly taught well about life's practicalities and yet still holding tight to your dreams. The house she is buying sounds wonderful, the perfect place for her to improve as her practice grows, and I wish her every blessing in the years to come. I am happy she will be living close to you, too! Have a wonderful week ahead, May, and thank you so much for sharing this uplifting story with us at TToT!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes, Josie. I am on Cloud 9!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter and to her parents! It is great that she can be talented in one of the arts and one of the sciences. The house she is buying sounds fascinating. I'm sure she will do wonders with it.


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