Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where the Road Leads

Another prompt from A Writer's Book of Days.  Where the road leads...

My son and I were headed to my niece Carla's house.  It was our first time to visit the home she had purchased with her husband, so we plugged their address into the car's navigation system and happily headed west.  
I was surprised when directed to leave the highway quite a distance before arriving in their town, but thought maybe they lived on the "outskirts".  However, this theory began to seem unlikely as we headed right on past the town which we could see south of us on our westward trek.  
Finally, we were urged to take a left turn and though we weren't exactly headed towards town, we were more optimistic than we had been in several miles that at some point we would be.  At one intersection we were directed onto what was clearly a dead end street which might have been cause for concern until we were commanded to travel through a parking lot on our left. Soon we were back on an actual road and feeling somewhat prideful about the likelihood we might eventually arrive at Carla's home. It was then my son decided to consult the navigation system on his cell phone.  At this point things got a little ugly as the robotic lady voices each vied for our attention with differing views of the best route to our destination.  Hell hath no fury like an ignored navigation system, I must say.
In the end we estimated that we initially left the highway about three miles too soon, but had we not done so we would not have had nearly the news of Reno County to share when we arrived at the house a half hour later.


  1. Recalculating.
    Make a U-turn.
    Make a U-turn.
    She always says with disdain.
    Glad you both made it safe and had a story for the telling on arrival.

    1. And a tad safer than the time I was driving up a mountain in Virginia and she directed me to "turn right here" which would have plunged us to our death!


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