Saturday, January 14, 2017

TToT: Potential Ice Storm

Thursday after work I headed to the grocery store along with most other people in town.  The weather forecast featured eerie photos of ice storms past--fallen power lines, stranded vehicles.  Warnings urging preparedness boomed from the radio and TV almost constantly.  This is not just a bread and milk kind of preparation the announcer proclaimed.  We should have batteries, blankets and candles in great supply.  Things were about to get really ugly.  I write this mid-day Saturday.  Still no ice...but it is coming they say.  Meh.  Maybe, maybe not.  Either way I set myself up for a weekend of no commitments, a weekend at home.  And there are the first two items of my list of Ten Things of Thankful.  Add the lack of actual ice, the company of people I love, and the continuation of power and you have five thankfuls right off the bat.  
I wrote letters by hand and sent them in the mail yesterday, slowing my pace and really thinking about the old friends who will receive the letters.
I have soup bones simmering on the stove while I write.  Something healthy, warming and tasting like home will come of that.
It is a long weekend.  Monday we pause and consider the difference an individual with wisdom and a gift for motivational speaking can make by inspiring others and moving our country towards positive change through nonviolent means.
I think I will make a cup of hot chocolate topped with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.  Sipping the sweet, hot liquid I will send up a little prayer for all the goodness that surrounds me as I sit snug in my little house waiting for the ice that may or may not come.

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