Sunday, January 1, 2017


Today's Write Before Christmas @ Bigger Picture Blogs prompt is To Seek the Light...

My house is filled with light these days.  There are miles of Christmas lights, a fire in the fireplace and lots and lots of candles.
There is something very soothing about candle light.  It softens the rough edges. Everyone and everything looks better to me in the glow of candlelight as though painted with love.
The flame of a candle is like life itself.  Each require oxygen to survive; each have warmth and energy.  The light of a life well lived illuminates all it touches.
Our life like the flame can flicker and sputter in a wind or storm, in our challenges and burdens.  In the darkest of times all we can manage may be a flicker, but this may be the spark of hope that sustains us. Our flame can also burn brightly especially when we are living a life that glorifies God. When we live for His glory our life becomes brighter and more remarkable to those around us.
As I take in the array of candles burning in my home today I imagine them representing people in my life.  These people are my beacons, my source of guidance and inspiration. Their lives have made a difference in mine.  Some have gone before me and I miss them. Though I may no longer be able to see their brightness first hand, I can see their light still reflected in all that they touched.
We all light our candles off the original light, the one who's birth we celebrate in this season.  Even as the light spreads from one to many its original brightness is not diminished.  Our own light is not diminished when we shine it in the world.  In this same way my saints and beacons were able to shine their lights and share God's love without losing any of their own connection with God.  God's love has no limits.  When our light goes out here on earth, love remains.  It spreads and grows becoming more plentiful.
Let me never miss a chance to shine.   Let me be a part of the string of lights used to bring brightness into the dark, cold world.

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