Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Bunny Tale: Or How Cookie Became Cookie Monster

I understand that many people find bunnies to be delightful indoor pets.
I met Cookie, The Most Mellow and Easy Going Bunny in the World and knew she would be my indoor bunny.
Cookie dazzled with her ability to learn to use the litter box in a single day, such a good indoor bunny was she.
Cookie grew into a teenage bunny with all the hormones and instinctual behaviors that accompany that stage of a rabbit’s life.
Cookie chewed the cabinets.
Cookie chewed wires.
The iPod, the stereo, the air conditioner wiring were all to Cookie’s liking.
Cookie opened cabinet doors and climbed inside.
Cookie jumped atop a chair with a cushioned seat that was delightfully tasty to an indoor bunny such as she.
Cookie claimed the countertops in the mudroom as her domain, clearing the space of annoying, fragile antiques and excess greenery as she saw fit.

I can see you, Cookie!

Mr. Pet Owner’s to-do list grew:  rewire appliances, sand cabinets, practice anger management skills, build rabbit hutch.

Now Cookie, The Most Lively and Acrobatic Outdoor Bunny in the World lives in the Cookie Palace out back and peace has returned to our humble home.

Inspired by Mama Kat’s challenge to tell a story in 12 lines; and, really, the less said about the Cookie debacle, the better.

Originally published in 2013. Three years later Cookie is still well loved and living in my backyard.  

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