Monday, July 11, 2016

The North Carolina Statehouse

Additional images from our visit to the North Carolina Statehouse.

Statue commemorating the US Presidents North Carolina gave to the country.

A stone stairway shows an unusual amount of wear and tear.  One theory says the damage came from carts of wood regularly hauled up the stairs to heat the building in the many fireplaces throughout the place.  Another story claims that the practice of dragging heavy barrels of whiskey up the stairs left the marks and chips on the stairway.

The color palate in the statehouse is very understated suggesting a simplicity at first, but the moldings, ceilings, and columns show quite a lot of detail.

The rooms which once housed the legislative bodies are still set as though lawmakers will return any minute.  However, this building is no longer used by the legislature, but the Governor's office is still located on the first floor.

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