Monday, February 1, 2016

The Bookmark

As the year began I unearthed my copy of Simple Abundance and decided to read through it again.  This morning after I read today's reflection I was letting it sink into my mind.  I held the book, turning it over in my hands.  This book is one that has a ribbon inserted in the spine for use as a bookmark.  As I looked at the ribbon separating two pages I was struck by the thought that it was also separating the year.  To the left of the ribbon I saw that part of the year that had already passed.  I was surprised to find how large that section was.  So many pages.  So many days that will never be again.
I suppose our lives are bookmarked in this way.  And if they are, have I spent those pages well?  How many of those pages represent time spent in a mall, or time being angry about something that in the end doesn't really matter.  How many pages are filled with stories of saying yes when I should have said no or maintaining relationships that drained me with negativity?
The book reminds me that there are a finite number of pages.  When caught in the middle of the reading,  it may feel limitless.  The truth is visible in the position of this little pink ribbon.  There is a distinct beginning, middle and end.  We each have our own understanding of what happens after our lifestory, but for now I am thinking of my life here on Planet Earth.
My eyes shift to the right of the ribbon.  These pages represent the potential in what is yet to come of the year.  I have choices to make about what is written on those pages. There will be times when a trip to the mall is inevitable, but I am not a Material Girl so very little ink need be spent on that.  I am at a stage in life where I grasp the idea of not wasting time on issues that don't matter; I don't intend to get mired down with unnecessary anger or negativity.  And heaven help me I am working on saying no when no is what I feel.
I look again at the bookmark wishing it didn't move so quickly through the book, but wishing can't change the fact that it does.  I am glad it is there to remind me and to help me focus on today.
April 2011

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